Mitigation of the negative impact of climate change by eliminating the consequences of the bark beetle epidemic in the Krasnopolsky district of Mogilev region (GEF SGP)

Krasnopolsky district Mogilev region

August 2018 - March 2020

Climate change has led to the mass drying up of pine and the large-scale spread of the bark beetle on the territory of Belarus. Despite the measures taken in the forest fund in 2017, the area of forest diseases increased by 11.1 thousand hectares compared to 2016 and amounted to 172.5 thousand hectares. To combat the pest, the forestry carry out sanitary cuttings of damaged trees to prevent the spread of infection. In the Krasnopolsky district, the area of clear cutting in the centers of bark beetle has increased by 5 times! If in 2017 there were 9.25 hectares, then only at the beginning of 2019 the area increased to 149.6 hectares.

Project goals

  • ● Mitigation of the negative impact of climate change by eliminating the consequences of the bark beetle epidemic in the Krasnopolie District of the Mogilev region.

  • ● Demonstration and dissemination of monitoring methods and technologies that can reduce the threat of the occurrence of bark beetle and deforestation in the future.

  • ● Strengthening partnerships between public environmental institutions, environmental NGOs, local communities and businesses to address environmental problems.


 Project innovation - monitoring methods. To detect bark beetles, we use drones that collect and analyze data. Further, a specially developed program allows the images from the drones to determine the affected or weakened trees. That gives the chance to foresters to cut down quickly some trees infected with a beetle bark beetle, instead of the whole woods. 

Within the project, an educational seminar for schoolchildren was conducted. More than 90 kg of seeds of seedlings of trees not affected by the bark beetle were purchased, pheromone traps were acquired, various drones are being tested to identify the best monitoring method.

During the PR campaign for planting trees, which took place on April 13, 2019, 100 000 trees were planted by 300 volunteers in one day from local communities, governmental institutions, international organizations and largest Belarusian business companies.

During the spring of 2019, 777 000 seedlings of pine, spruce and birch were planted within the project. 130 hectares of territories affected by the bark beetle epidemic have been restored.

We are on the way to make it to One Million trees! 

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